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Deadline - Mira Grant For only the second time in my life, I have abandoned a book before finishing it. Although I really liked the first novel in this series, Deadline truly doesn't cut it. The change in main protagonist is the source of all evils for me. Georgia Mason was an intelligent and sympathetic character that instantly made me relate to her and care about her life and her world. Her brother, the main voice in this sequel, is the complete opposite. Grant constantly portrays Shaun Mason as so naive as to be pathetic and unlikable (the only way a guy can live with the same six people 24/7 and not know a thing about them is to either not care about them at all or see them as barely important. Either way, he’s a jerk). And while Feed managed to portray the Mason siblings' relationship as the most solid of friendships, Deadline takes a rather creepy and distasteful look at it. This, to me, was the killing blow.
Ultimately, there are way too many fine books to be read in this world to keep torturing one's self by reading a bad one.