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The Winslow Incident - Elizabeth Voss I got a free copy of this book from GoodReads.
The book was an interesting read. the first half of the book goes by really fast. You want to know more about all the local mysteries of this community, the different characters and, most importantly, what is happening to them. In the first 300 pages or so, the many inhabitants of Winslow make you care for them and see a little of yourself in them. The second half of the book however cancels all this. The main protagonist spends her time looking for something to do. While every other character in the novel is loosing their mind, it is a bit annoying to have this one sane person making the worst decisions she could possible make. This being said, the complete explanation of what happened to the two was slowly revealed, in a way that kept me reading and finally rewarded me with a full and intelligent resolution in the end.
This was solid, though very uneven, novel that will not please everyone, but that makes for some great food for thought on how fragile our minds really are.